Our Inn

The Emerald Valley Inn is a delightful spot nestled in a beautifully serene setting, conveniently located right off of Hwy 101, just 17 minutes west of Port Angeles, and centrally located to several of the Olympic National Park entrances, such as Sol Duc, Hurricane Ridge, and Hoh Rain Forest. We are also only minutes away from the stunning views of Lake Crescent and the popular Storm King hike and Marymere Falls.

Coming to the Emerald Valley Inn allows for a quiet, unplugged getaway. All of the rooms are non-smoking with no phones or TVs. Free Wi-Fi is offered but can be sporadic. We do have reliable LTE/4G cell service via the AT&T, Verizon, and T-mobile networks available on the property. This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the surroundings, or bring a good book and some board games and enjoy each other’s company.

The Emerald Valley Inn’s lodging accommodations are next door to the iconic Granny’s Cafe, serving up delicious breakfasts, hearty hamburgers, and fresh salads, as well as our renown soft-serve ice cream. Please check the Granny’s Cafe Port Angeles website for information on seasonal hours.

Our four-legged and feathered residents include a few bleating goats, a pair of emus, a brood of chickens, a donkey, a bevy of doves, and a few cuddly cats all of whom bring great delight to young and old alike.

You are also within driving distance to beautiful ocean beaches, stunning lakes, and a bounty of hiking trails. Visit our Places to See page for a few suggestions, and just ask if you have any questions!

At the Emerald Valley Inn, you’re always welcome and are sure to be well-fed, well-loved, and make memories to last a lifetime!

Our Farm

One of the unique aspects of the Emerald Valley Inn’s property is our mini-zoo. We are proud to be able to share our donkey, three goats, two emus, bevy of doves, as well as our free-ranging brood of chickens and orange, polydactyl tabby cat, Tango, with all of our guests. We hope that these fun animals will add a little humor and entertainment to your stay and that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Emerald Valley Inn History

In 1956, the Indian Valley Drive-In and Motel was established by Earl and Alberta Tyndall during the fishing and logging era of the northwest. Schuler Luce and his son, Loren Luce, helped build the motel. In the 1970s, Marion Raef bought the motel and restaurant. Marion became known for her creative specials and for treating her employees like family. With the help of her brother, Ed, a kitschy charm was developed, and what was once just a nickname, Granny’s Cafe became official.

In 1999, Marion decided it was her time to retire, and she sold the restaurant and motel to a long time admirer, Terry Roszatycki, and his wife, Carol. With four teenage daughters, the Roszatycki’s had a captive staff. Terry and Carol worked tirelessly to create an updated charm to the Indian Valley Motel and Granny’s Cafe. The Roszatycki’s eldest daughter, Angela, and her husband, Troy, took over and always made an effort for the unique pieces of previous owners shine through.

In 2018, the Pinson family took ownership of Granny’s Cafe and the now Emerald Valley Inn. With their new management team, they seek to honor the former owners and the time and energy that has been invested into this special place. The Emerald Valley Inn’s future is bright, and you are invited to come and be a part of that future while visiting a little piece of Port Angeles history.

Granny's Cafe

Today, 60 years later, Granny’s Cafe is still serving up delicious, homemade food. From hearty burgers to fresh soups and salads, mouthwatering breakfast, local beers and wines, and of course you can’t forget our famous desserts and soft-serve ice cream.

If you are interested in seeing the menu at Granny’s Cafe, you can do so here.

Our Policies

Review our complete policies here.

Our deposit policy is half of the total cost of stay + taxes at the time of booking.

Our cancellation policy is a full refund outside of a 30-day window of the check-in date. Inside of the 30-day cancellation period, the full cost of the stay, plus taxes, will be non-refundable.

No pets allowed in inn rooms or guesthouse.

Interested in what the weather is like at our property? View live weather data from our onsite weather station.