Accessing Tent Sites T3 & T4

We are delighted to be hosting you at the Emerald Valley Inn!

We offer our guests the convenience of a contactless check-in. You are free to occupy your space anytime after 3 PM. 


🔑 Check-in time is 3 PM, and check-out time is 11 AM.
(Early check-ins and late check-outs are not allowed without prior arrangements with us directly)

🛎 Office hours: 7 AM to 9 PM.

📍 Address: 235471 Highway 101, Port Angeles, WA 98363
(You can also search Granny’s Cafe in your GPS if it’s easier)

📞 Phone number: Text us at (360) 218-3082 |  Or call us at 360-302-3447  |  After hours emergency number (360) 504-8862

❗️Important Rules

  • Parking
    • Parking for T3 and T4 are behind each site respectively. Signs will direct you off the road to these sites.
    • Car/van camping is allowed at these sites.
  • Trailers and RVs are strictly prohibited.
  • Any additional guests over the occupancy limit need prior approval by us. (A family household of more than two people is okay.)
  • Dogs must be accompanied and leashed at all time.
  • The noise level needs to be kept to a level that does not disturb neighboring tent sites, especially from 10pm to 7am.

🗺 Where am I going upon arrival?

Map of T3 — Map of T4

  • A map of the property and directions on how to access your specific tent site can be found above.
  • When you pull into the property from off of Hwy. 101, go to the far left (west) side of the property. Drive down the gravel road located to the left of the Granny’s Cafe building toward the back of the property, passing the inn building on your left, passing the corral on your right, and passing the red house with the porch on your right.
  • Merge off the main driveway to the right onto the gravel road as indicated by the sign.
  • Veer off the road to the left where the sign points to the back side of T3 and T4. Each site is marked with a sign.
  • Park behind your site.


🚽 Where do I go to the bathroom?

  • Bathrooms are located behind the cafe building. From the sites, pass the office, follow the wooden fencing of the corral starting at the chicken coop up the hill, and you’ll see the men’s and women’s restrooms at the top of the hill to the left.
  • During the summer season, there is also a portable toilet at the campsite not far from the gazebo, as indicated on the map.


🔥 Is it ok to build a fire?

  • Each site has a Solo Stove fire pit for creating a contained fire.
  • Wood is available for sale at the Office, the front porch of the red house. We take PayPal at the address of @emeraldvalleyinn or Venmo at the address of @Emerald-Valley-Inn. No cash please.


 🌭 How do I grill at my site?

  • We provide grates to place atop your Solo Stove on which to cook.
  • The grates are kept on the porch of the red house next to the reception desk. Feel free to come up and grab one.
  • There is no additional charge for the use of the grates. Please leave them at the site for us when you leave, or return them to the porch of the red house.


🚿 Where can I take a shower?

  • On the backside of the bathroom building is a private shower room.
  • To gain access to the shower, please communicate with us to get an access code (see communication options below).
  • To get a code, use our Venmo address of @Emerald-Valley-Inn or PayPal at the address of @emeraldvalleyinn and send a payment of $3 for a 15 minute shower or $5 for a 30 minute shower. Please let us know in the comments what you are paying for and your tent site number.
  • When we get the Venmo payment alert, we will send you a code via text message.
  • No cash payments please.

A few things to note about showers:

  • Showers need to be scheduled with us before the office closes at 9pm.
  • You are welcome to schedule a specific time in advance to take a shower before or after 9pm.
  • The code issued to you will be good for 15 to 30 minutes at the scheduled start time and can be used multiple times within that window of time so that individual showers can be taken.
  • The shower door lock will auto-lock 30 seconds after you enter the shower room and close the door if you don’t manually lock it.
  • The lights are controlled on a timed dial to the right as soon as you walk in.


🚰 Where do I get fresh drinking water?

  • Behind T1 is a spigot with a blue handle on it. That is potable water from our well. It is completely safe to drink. (Our well water is tested monthly as mandated by state public water utility regulations for purity.)


👋 How do I checkout?

  • Please pack up all of your belongings and leave your site clean and free of any trash using the provided trashcans.
  • If you’ve lit a fire on the morning of your check-out day, it is ok to leave ash remains in the stove. We can safely remove any glowing embers that may be continuing to burn after you leave.
  • There is no need to check-out with us in person.


🗣 What if I need to talk to someone during my stay?

  • Texting us at (360) 218-3082 is the best way (during office hours).
  • You are also more than welcome to call us at 360-302-3447.
  • To talk to us in person, come to the front porch of the red house where our reception desk is located. There is a doorbell on the desk. Firmly press the button, and we’ll come to the desk to serve you. We may speak to you through the doorbell if we are off-property, so please don’t be alarmed. Please be aware the office closes at 9 PM.


🚨 What if I have an emergency?

  • Call 911 if it’s life-threatening first
    • Our address is 235471 Highway 101 Port Angeles, WA 98363
  • The address to the closest ER is: 939 Caroline St, Port Angeles, WA 98362
  • To reach us after hours in the event of an emergency please call us at (360) 504-8862

🍦 Granny’s Cafe

Visit for operating hours, weekly closure days, and menus. To stay up to date with closures, hour changes, or current offerings, follow Granny’s Cafe on Instagram and Facebook.

Please Note: Granny’s Cafe is a separate business operating independently from the Emerald Valley Inn.


🌦 Property Weather Information

Curious about what the weather is like at our property? Here is a feed link to our onsite weather station:


🌲 Additional Resources

If you’d like a few suggestions for places to see in the area, we have list here.
(You will find that they are organized by distance from the inn) 

We have also compiled a list of 
local resources that may be helpful during your time in the area:

🍽 Restaurant Suggestions

🛠 Helpful Services (nearby gas stations, transit info, laundromats, equipment rental, etc.)

🛒 Local Shopping (grocery stores, outdoor gear, souvenirs, etc.)

Contact Us:

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  • (360) 302-3447

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