How to Operate Your Lock

🔓 To Unlock:

  • On the lock keypad, firmly press the circle that says “Yale” to light up the keypad.
  • Enter your code and press the ✔️ button. You will hear a happy sounding chime if the correct code is entered.
  • Press down on the door handle and push open the door.


🔒 To Lock When Leaving:

  • After closing the door from the outside, firmly press the circle that says “Yale” until you hear the chime.
  • Please note, the door handle will still push down when locked but will not open the door.
Room Door Lock 1

🔒 To Lock While inside the Room:

  • Rotate the thumb turn to the vertical position, as shown in the picture below.
  • The door handle on the outside will still push down, but it won’t open the door.
  • Please be aware that pushing down on the door handle inside the room will always open the door, whether locked or unlocked for safety reasons.
Room Door Lock 2

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